What's a good way to stop my insomnia?
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  • Children with sleep issues

    There can be many and varied reasons for children to not sleep well at night. They might be hyperactive,How do I stop my insomnia they might have slept during the day and so are not so tired at night, there could be a noise issue, etc. The problem is, is that if your children don't sleep well, then usually, nor do you!!

    Is there a solution?

    Are you ready to try something that's working for many parents world-wide?

    The comments below are in date order, with the most recent at the top and was last updated on Monday, the 18th of October 2021.

    Top Product!
    "Helps me get 7 hours sleep per night now and it works. Deep dreams thanks to this sleep mist."
    John, Darlington, County Durham, England.

    Great product for a great sleep
    "We tried the product after using some some of the more commercial sleep products out there and we found that this was far more effective. The smell is stronger than other ones that we have used but creates a great aura before bed. We used for my 5 year old and 2 year old and their sleep, especially during lockdown in the UK, has improved since using this product. The bottle will last us for ages which is great! It is a product we didn't know we needed."
    Jon, Horsham, West Sussex, England.

    Totally recommended!
    "We use it in the whole family, youngest 5 years old and oldest 89, we even lightly spray the dogs bed at night as well, and they sleep great as do we all and truthfully, even if we all slept great without this sleep better pillow mist, we would still buy it just for the smell, the fragrance is really nice, we sometimes use it as a room spray as well."
    Julie, Bay City, Michigan, USA.

    Great product for sleeping good!
    "My partner and I absolutely love this sleep mist! It smells amazing, it's long lasting (you can still smell it the next morning) and it doesn't have that eye watering or throat irritating chemical effect of other brands that we have tried, so will be replacing our usual brand for this. Even our little one is lasting longer in his cot before waking up! (amazing achievement!) Extremely calming. We love it. Thanks! Can definitely recommend to anyone and have already recommended this pillow mist to family, friends and colleagues!"
    Kayleigh, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, England.

    Now you CAN sleep better!
    "A beautiful smell of lavender, chamomile and eucalyptus helps you drift off to sleep whilst also not being too strong or overpowering. Looking forward to trying it as a room spray. Amazing product and definitely worth trying out."
    Laura, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England.

    What a product!!
    "Been using this sleep better pillow mist for about 2 months now, and get a really great deep sleep every night and wake up refreshed and fully ready for the day. As an added bonus it also smells great too!"
    Lisa, Orpington, Kent, England.