What's a good way to stop my insomnia?
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  • Snoring issues - does your partner snore?

    Is it fair? Your partner snores through the night, and has a fairly good nights sleep, while you keep waking up because of their snoring? Of course that isn't fair! Then the next day, they say they had a good nights sleep, and you're feeling like you've been awake for ever!!

    How do I stop my snoring?

    My partner snores

    Snoring affects the quality of sleep, and as studies show, it generally isn't the person snoring who suffers, it's the person next to them who unfortunately wakes up tired! Is it now time for you to solve that?

    The comments below are in date order, with the most recent at the top and was last updated on Monday, the 18th of October 2021.

    "What a great sleeping aid this pillow mist is. I would sometimes find it difficult to go to sleep and then find myself waking up during the night. These essential oils work great, as long as I have nothing to eat or drink within one hour of going to bed, then spray this pillow mist lightly on the pillows, then that's it, I go to sleep straight away, then sleeping all the way through till the morning. Thoroughly recommended to anyone who would like to sleep better."
    Elaine, Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland.

    "Immediate and really impressive results! There has been absolutely no snoring and no children waking up in the night since we started using this Sleep Better Pillow Mist. It works so much better than anything else we have ever tried and also works way better than just lavender oil on its own. A truly magical potion!"
    Elizabeth, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, England.

    "This is by far the best pillow mist I have ever used and I've tried quite a few! The fragrance is so lovely and relaxing. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a relaxing nights sleep."
    Emma, Horsham, West Sussex, England.

    A great way to sleep better!!
    "I received my bottle of sleep better pillow mist quickly and efficiently, the first night I used it I had the best nights sleep... It smells so lovely and its very soothing going to bed after I've sprayed it on my pillows. I've even purchased another to give as a Christmas Gift... Thank you."
    Gemma, Cottingham, East Riding of Yorkshire, England.

    It's brilliant!!
    "This sleep better pillow Spray definitely works. First time in years that something really works for me and my wife (cut down snoring almost completely). I would very highly recommend this product."
    Graham, Chorley, Lancashire, England.

    This stuff is great!
    "It helps with getting to sleep, and smells wonderful, even better that its a natural product. A couple of sprays on my pillow just before bed time and it works a treat. :-)"
    Heidi, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, England.